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Robin Jeans
Baccio Couture. Miami Fashion Designer. Womens hand made dresses.
True Religion Jeans
Bertigo Shirts
Shahida Parides
Jsquad is premium clothing brand that established in Jamaica in 2004

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URockCouture About Us


Our boutique location is enjoyably adjacent to the ocean on South Beach’s famous Ocean Dr. We made sure to strategically select our boutique storefront where the weather and people are both equally beautiful.


The U Rock Couture culture is one of passion, style, and striking visuals. Our employees are fashionably-inspired and extremely knowledgeable + eager when helping you decide on the perfect rock couture outfit.

About Us UrockCouture


We live it, we breath it, it consumes almost every waking minute of our lives – fashion. It is the life blood that drives the U Rock Couture lifestyle, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. Nor would we want it to.