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New Saints Sinphony Line

Miami has always been heralded for its forward fashion sense. It is the home to endless celebrities and a stunning place to live and visit. Not only is it a great place to see, but it’s also a great place to be seen. Many trendy and cutting edge boutiques call Miami home – one of the most prestigious of these is URock Couture. URock Couture caters to the forward-thinking, high-fashion loving consumer, and is considered a stable to any celebrity’s wardrobe. We only carry brands with a high level of prestige and quality, made famous by designers who keep up with the ever changing fashion trends, and who are able to identify and recognize what fashion needs and wants. Outfits, and the flattering cuts, designs, and overall sex appeal of all brands sold there.

For 29 years, URock Couture has maintained the reputation of being one of Miami’s most high-fashion names, which is no small feat. Trendy and sought-after designer products are available in a variety of colors, washes, and designs, for even the most discerning tastes. URock’s products and designs are highly-sought after by celebrities, vacationers and local residents alike, and it’s no wonder. The employees are just as progressive as the products, are eager to help every single customer, and are very knowledgeable about their products. These employees are masters at their craft, and ensure that they stay on top of cutting-edge new styles and trends for both men and women – all to best serve the customer. This is why URock Couture is proud to announce the launching of a new line in our store – The Saints Sinphony.

The fashion industry has always been a competitive one, however Saints Sinphony brings its own dramatic flair and appeal to keep shoppers happy, and coming back for more. Here’s how.

The Saints Sinphony team is comprised of a group of All-Americans who have worked hard to develop this line. Almost a decade has been committed to creating the most extensive line of unique t-shirts that have ever been seen. This brand was built by brothers Scott & Troy Thompson, who burst into the fashion world with no formal fashion education, and burst into the industry with a sparkle and a bang. The goal to create the greatest t-shirts on earth is now a reality – this brand is a celebrity favorite, and loved by those who appreciate custom one-of-a-kind shirts and outfits. It’s also a favorite to some favorite celebs, including Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Solo Lucci, Juvenile, 50 Cent, Ray Parker Jr., and Amy Winehouse, just to name a few. Let’s look at some of the things that make this brand so sought after.

Fits Like a Glove

Founders of this brand did more than embellish a t-shirt and send it out for sale. A considerable amount of time went into the planning of fit and pattern. Thought and consideration were given to body types, and a gathering of information regarding what people loved (and didn’t love) about their own bodies. Utilizing this information, the perfect t-shirt fit was created. Every piece of clothing is designed to fit and flatter many different body types, and the look and feel amazing.

The Unique Style

Every pattern is created with a specific blueprint meant to portray a message. Artwork is placed in strategic areas meant to highlight the beauty of the human body. Every Saints Sinphony item will make you looks amazing – and that is why. All available artworks are original designs of co-owner Scott Thompson.

Those Hand-By-Hand Extras

Embellished clothing products are not new to the fashion scene. Most embellishments are applied with the use of glue and heat presses. This makes the application go quickly, however glue loses its strength over time and causes embellishments to fall off, resulting in missing and incomplete designs. Every Saints Sinphony embellishment is applied one by one, all by hand with fusing used on the inside. This ensures that your embellishment will remain intact, and you will be able to enjoy your product the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Overall Quality

Saints Sinphony uses only the top quality cotton – cotton is weaved in the USA, and thanks to the process it goes through, has a soft, stretchy feeling. This results in the garment draping your body, and hugging all your curves accenting your favorite assets.

Every Item Has a Unique Signature

Bold and innovative, Saints Sinphony held no punches with their products. To signify the uniqueness of their brand, every design boasts a colored chain stich for the shoulder stitching. This ensures that you stand out in any crowd, and that your Saints Sinphony product is truly an original.

You can see that nothing about the Saints Sinphony line is ‘ordinary’. Every step is taken with great thought and care, and every product design is crafted with the utmost precision and perfection. Saints Sinphony wants to ensure that you look and feel good, and believe in delivering and standing behind the quality of their products.

Think that Saints Sinphony just caters to custom ordered Rock t-shirt lovers? Think again. This trendy line offers break-their-neck dresses for women, and (we recommend checking out the Custom Hooded Long Sleeve dress), and for men, check out the flashy Custom Kill Shot t-shirt, which will have you exuding confidence and prestige just by putting it on. URock Couture employees will not only help you find the best Saints Sinphony item for you, they will do it with a smile and make you feel like a celebrity (whether you are or not). We promise our customers will love this new line, and will leave us feeling and looking like a million dollars and it won’t matter if you’re getting ready to hit the beach or head to a red carpet event.

What to Wear:

URock Couture has carefully selected what Saints Sinphony products we will carry – we know what our customers love, and we have always been known for our stylish dress selection, and is highly regarded as the “IT” place for quality evening wear. Flattering neck lines, bold patterns, sheer panels, cut-outs, and curve-hugging material that fits like a second skin – these dresses will drop your jaw, and the jaw of everyone who sees you in it. Choose a flattering neckline to turn heads, or choose a more modest cut for more formal appearances. There is a dress for every body type and shape, and for every personality. Choose the dress that makes you feel stunning, then pair with any of the wide variety of accessories available for a breathtaking, one of a kind look.

Not only is this new line flashy, bold, and gorgeous, with product names like “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Hurts So Good”, “Rock and Rollex”, and “Without a Cause”, explaining the name of your outfit will be just as much fun as actually wearing it. Whatever your favorite look or style, you can browse from the comfort of your own home, or on the go in today’s busy world. Check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! URock Couture realizes that fashion is constantly moving – because of this, the site is updated often and new items are added regularly. Check the site frequently so you don’t miss out on some of your favorite items.

So, why us?

What you wear and how you wear it often projects an image to others about who you are – are you bold and outgoing? Are you decisive, and proud? Are you comfortable with who you are? Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Are you a sophisticated professional, or a talented musician with exquisite taste? No matter what your style is, no matter your profession or lifestyle, URock Couture’s Saints Sinphony line will ensure that you do it in a cutting-edge, highly-revered wardrobe that will get you noticed wherever you go.

No one wants to be ordinary. No one wants to blend in to the crowd. Saints Sinphony and URock Couture don’t want anyone to feel that way, either, and, lucky for us, they are believers in equality and put just as much thought, design, and effort into their style selection for men as they do for women. This alone is such an unusual trait in fashion today, it is a considerable rarity that one clothing line can do this the way Saints Sinphony has. URock Couture is proud to present this new, elegant, fashionable brand that will ensure that no matter what gender you are, no matter what style you prefer, no matter what colors you wear, you will stand out in any crowd, no matter how big it is.

From the beautiful fabric, to the custom designs and unique characters of this design, you won’t know where to start – but it’s a promise that you aren’t going to want to stop!

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