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URock Couture is proud to present the Philipp Plein clothing collection. This rebellious line features edgy lavish styles, made for those who want to break free from the mold. The Philipp Plein collection echoes rock n’ roll influences with weathered detailing on cool leather pieces. Each cut reveals sleek tailoring matched with vivid abstract patterns and bright metallic accents.

Philipp Plein is known in the fashion industry as a rebel who managed to make his mark in the fashion world. His show is one of the highlights of Milan Fashion week. Philipp Plein merges hip urban style with comfort. His clothing line is made for a high-octane life for those who want to live in the moment and live it big. It is anti-establishment at its finest.

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URock Couture is proud to offer the men’s collection line to our customers. Philipp Plein is not for men who follow the traditional rules of fashion. Check out the Philipp Plein bomber jackets that come in various styles that show off its rock n’ roll influences. Many of the bomber jackets are made from black sheepskin or other forms of luxurious leather, such as calf leather. The jackets feature a front press stud fasten and two front pockets.

Urban style by Philipp Plein Clothing is not complete without the right jeans. Philipp Plein offers a hard-edge style that shows in every pair of jeans. Many of Philipp Plein jeans come with distressed effects. Jeans are made with real cotton blends and come in different fits, such as slim fits and regular lengths. Philipp Plein’s jeans come in different washes, so try out the stonewashed look, bleached look, paint splatter, and more.

Ripped jeans are another offering provided by Philipp Plein Clothing and sold through URock Couture. Some jeans come with deep rips or with small rip lines in the jeans. There are endless styles that are sure to fit your lifestyle for both daytime and nighttime engagements.

One of the best ways to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd is with a Philipp Plein shirt. T-shirts from the Philipp Plein lines is notorious as a representative of life and youth. Many of the shirts feature bright colors with abstract art that represent the Philipp Plein brand. Many of the t-shirts feature round crew necks with short sleeves that are perfect for layering with other apparel from the collection such as jackets, sweaters, and belts. If you really want something that is different, the men’s collections come in different colors and styles that feature animals such as panthers, tigers, and more.

Many other shirts feature other abstract images that showcase skulls. Each design contains symbols that represent freedom, celebrating being your own person, and not being another blank fixture in society. The t-shirts are made from 100% cotton that can go into the wash with simple care.

An outfit is not complete without the right accessories to match. Philipp Plein Clothing offers a wide variety of accessories that you can mix and match to match to leave a powerful impression on everyone you meet. Consider some of the men’s shoes by Philipp Plein. Each pair comes in various bold colors and styles sure to match your outfit, whether you wear it at the start your day or towards the evening when you are out with your friends. Customers can choose sneakers made from calf leather with bold colors, such as nickel red. These sneakers feature a leather logo plaque that shows off the Philipp Plein brand.

To keep you safe from the hot sun or to add some heat to your outfit, consider a cap from the men’s collection. The caps are made from cotton with a straight peak for comfort and adjustable fit. These features allow almost every man the ability to find the right cap for him to wear.

Are you a working man that needs a sturdy bag to carry all the essentials? Then you can choose a Philipp Plein backpack. The collection features bags that are made from real leather that can handle the pressures and responsibilities of life. The thick straps enable you to move and travel as you need without sacrificing comfort. The Philipp Plein clothing collection for men also has many other accessories such as belts to compliment your outfit. You are guaranteed to feel ready to take on the world!

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URock Couture is proud to showcase the newest Philipp Plein collection. If you are a rebellious soul and want to stand out, this collection is made for you. You can find the latest styles and more at URock Couture to fill your Philipp Plein needs. Break free from the mold and shop at URock Couture for other luxury brands like Philipp Plein.

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