U-Rock Couture is an iconic brand that offers bold attire with innovative fashion. The Couture, which is located at 928 Ocean Drive in Miami, FL, has been in existence for over 20 years. Our South Beach store caters to the needs of fashionable clientele for both men and women. It is the goal of U-Rock Couture to provide high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories to fashion enthusiasts all over the world. We seek to represent a culture of ultimate style and striking visuals in every unique piece.

U-Rock Couture features superior fashions and promotes stylish brands such as Robin’s Jeans, Beulah London, Au Noir, B.B. Simon, Bertigo, Jovani, V & K Studio, MET, Rawyalty, Roar, Versace, and Rock Revival among other renowned companies. Our outfits are made to work seamlessly together. This is why we offer footwear that is hand embellished. You are guaranteed to love them for years to come.

About Mystique Sandals

What connects all of the U-Rock Couture brands together is success – the success in creating apparel and accessories that provide upscale essentials to your wardrobe and that attract many compliments.
Mystique Sandals is one of these truly exceptional brands. Their handmade, jeweled leather sandals cater to women with a taste for luxurious fashion that they will not find anywhere else.

The creation of our Mystique Sandals was inspired by the designers Yamin Levy and his wife, Dorien in 1999. They were both immigrants who were given the opportunity to create exquisite sandals on the Mystical Island of Bali. After their initial success, the Levy’s daughters then joined Mystique’s Los Angeles enterprise in 2012. Together these professional artisans provide women with looks that boost any woman’s confidence and personal style.

There are many different types of Mystique Sandals. For example, the Mystique Black Heel has a tall wedge that is perfect for walking along the boardwalk on South Beach. The black, round diamonds can match with any dark, flowy top. You can pair these sandals with a Baccio women’s dress or Musani Couture’s Light Blue Abito Women’s Dress.

Try out their take on Gladiator sandals. The Mystique Gold Sapphire Gladiator Sandals have clusters of gorgeous stones. You can match them with a Vie Sauvage’s pink women’s short jumper or Kareena’s women’s tunic for a long-legged look. Gladiator sandals look great with most dresses – so be sure to wear these sandals to your next gala event.

A third option could be something a little simpler – the Mystique Silver Clear Heel Sandals for women. All you have to do is pair them with U-Rock Couture’s dark Robin’s Jeans for a more classic look. Try this out with a black tee from The Saints Symphony and wear your new outfit to your next girl’s night out.

Mystique Sandals also offers other colors as well, such as rose gold, fuchsia, champagne, and turquoise. Whether you prefer wedges or flats, Mystique Sandals are a versatile part of any wardrobe.

Besides their striking look, Mystique Sandals provide an aesthetic that is both comfortable and high quality. Just take a look at their features:

A Beachy Honeymoon
Take your Mystique Sandals with you to your beach or island honeymoon. They will provide just the perfect touch when lounging around the pool or resort. If you and your significant other decide to participate in other activities, such as yachting, shopping, or taking a stroll on the boardwalk at sunset, remember to take your Mystiques with you!

Professional Footwear
If you enjoy wearing sandals to work, Mystique Sandals can work well with professional attire. These jeweled sandals can be matched with most blouses, dresses, pencil skirts, or dress pants to add a touch of sparkle. Dress to impress at your next big work presentation or meeting. Mystique Sandals are handmade with quality materials, which are easy to maintain and wear even on a daily basis at the office.

From Black Tie Affair to Family Dinners
When you wear Mystique Sandals, you are sending a statement to the world about your sense of fashion and style. These pieces are the perfect footwear for most events, whether they are formal or more casual. These sandals were made with you in mind. It means that our sandals can match with most outfits in your closet. Wear any pair of Mystique Sandals to your best friend’s wedding, a date night out, or your next family reunion.

Aesthetics That Match Your Style
Every single pair of handmade Mystique Sandals is embedded with jewels and stones to match your unique personality and style, giving them (and you!) a beautiful look anywhere you go. They are made to match you with aesthetics that are a pleasing part of every outfit. These sandals represent the high-profile person that you really are: a person that is on the quest for quality and trendy fashion.

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