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King Baby jewelry is inspired by the life and personality of its creator, Mitchell Binder. One of the reasons why URock Couture appreciates his brand is because he has fashioned jewelry that reflects a high gritty style and sex appeal. King Baby was designed for those who appreciate the true artisanal value of jewelry handmade in the United States. For Mitchell Binder, it’s his way of capturing the spirit of American sultry rock n’ roll style.

In his quest, Binder has created different iconic pieces of skulls, tigers, lions, daggers, handcuffs, and more for those who can appreciate this type of look.

Sometimes individuals consider jewelry even more personal than clothing. This is because jewelry is a direct statement into who the wearer is and how they wish to present themselves to the world. This is what makes King Baby jewelry so desired – because each unique piece speaks to the masses on a more intimate level.

At URock Couture, we offer both a men’s and women’s collection. Each piece is handmade in the United States to reflect its artisanal style and commitment to the customers who trust King Baby to showcase their message to the world. Take, for example, the women’s pink macramé bracelets with alloy skulls. This gorgeous and memorable design showcases a feminine hell-raiser attitude. The alloy skulls are attached to cord strings with adjustable drawstrings to fit any woman’s wrist.

There is much work and attention to detail that goes into each piece. This is especially evident in the thin braided double wrap leather bracelet with three skulls. This bracelet is bright red, sure to grab anyone’s attention! Our customers are impressed with the fine details of this bracelet as well as the amount of compliments received when they wear it. They are most impressed with the materials as well. King Baby uses real, genuine leather and sterling silver, all of which are handmade in the United States. URock Couture offers some of the most iconic and popular King Baby jewelry in our store. Browse through our online shop to find the jewelry that best matches your style.

You can also check out the skull infinity ring made from real sterling silver. This ring comes in different sizes, ranging from size 6 and up to size 12. You can purchase one for yourself, a friend or a family member, or your significant other. Flexible ring options are made possible to fit the hands of any woman who wants to show off their independence with a King Baby ring.

For those who love to ride the wings of freedom, take a look at our small wing ring. It features a single wing stretched out in preparation to fly. This ring is perfect for those ready to rock out at a concert with friends and dance the night away carefree.

URock Couture provides a large selection of jewelry that customers can choose from to match and wear to express their personality. The jewelry is not just limited to women, either. Men can also find King Baby pieces that match their personality – just take a look at the large raven claw ring! This piece is handmade to mimic the shape of the curled claw of a raven. There are three claws, one fused with the ring while the two other reveal a sharp point. This ring has an especially charming and rugged appearance that is sure to catch the attention of everyone around. The large raven claw ring is from the Raven collection, and each ring is made from real sterling silver.

The King Baby collection includes necklaces as well. URock Couture sells some of the most popular necklaces from the collection, such as the Micro Crowned Heart Pendant on a Micro Rolo Chain. The necklace Rolo chain comes with a lobster clasp that holds onto a silver heart with a crown on top of it. The heart is a popular and powerful symbol that many like to hold close to their chest. The heart pendant, its chain, and lobster clasp are also all made of sterling silver.

Much of King Baby jewelry are statement pieces that enable people to express themselves in creative ways. Take the Carved Jet Triple Skull Bracelet. This bracelet for men features a center skull that is hand carved from Jet and balanced with two other skulls on both sides of the bracelet. Jet is an organic material that forms after millions of years’ worth of pressure from deep within the earth. The Jet material used in each bracelet is mined from a U.S. deposit. The other two skulls are made from sterling silver.

There is all of this and so much more to choose from. Check out URock Couture to discover some of the latest King Baby jewelry today.

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