URock Couture has for over twenty years been the leader in trendy, stylish, glamorous clothing and accessories in the South Beach area. We specialize in high end, luxury items, made for the discerning customer who is focused on top quality, cutting edge designs and the latest trends. We at URock Couture pride ourselves on uniqueness, flare and glamour and our lines and designers are all at the foremost of North American fashion. Many of our lines are the first choice of global names and American celebrities and feature on all of the major fashion shows and magazines in the United States. We at URock Couture are continually searching for the latest in men’s and women’s fashions and we tirelessly scour through endless products to bring you the very best in fashion. Here we present to you the ultra trendy, ultra luxurious Jovani brand and collection, maker of women’s dresses. Jovani is a leader in stylish, glamorous, luxury leisurewear for women.

Jovani Fashion
Jovani is a glamour dress manufacturer based in New York’s garment district. Jovani fashion was founded in 1980 by Jacob Maslavi and the family based business has soared to become a fashion super power. Jovani is a fashion forward brand that excels in the category of high end luxury dresses for the big occasion. Glamorous gowns and evening wear are Jovani staples, with magnificent gowns for every occasion desired covered by the many collections of the Jovani brand. Jovani dress designers are real fashion artists and our dresses are perfect for any formal or semi formal occasion that arises. Jovani pays close attention to every detail of their dress making process, ensuring that every gown is a marvel of glamour and perfection. A Jovani dress blends classic styles while staying true to the latest trends from Milan, Paris and New York. A Jovani dress is perfect for a prom, a bar mitzvah, wedding, gala and so much more. Jovani has an extensive collection of gowns and no formal occasion is complete without a glamorous gown from Jovani. The mission of Jovani is to create stunning formal gowns for women who are always the best dressed at the ball. Jovani dresses are the trusted brand for women who always look their best at every event of engagement.

Jovani Style
Jovani dresses are designed with a passion for glamour and perfection. A Jovani dress is a clever and beautiful blend of classic evening gown elegance and trendy happening themes and fashions from the most important fashion destinations in the world. Drawing themes from Paris, Italy and New York, Jovani dresses are always current on the latest styles and art forms that are emerging in the category of evening gowns. A Jovani dress is designed to bring out the inner beauty in a woman and show of her inner glow. Jovani has a large collection of items and each one has a subtle difference and unique beauty.

Jovani Collections
Jovani features an extensive line of products, in several categories to ensure that no formal occasion is left without a Jovani original. Each category is blessed with fantastic items that will light up whatever occasion the evening have thrown your way.

  • Evening Dresses – Stylish and stunning evening gowns made for that formal dinner occasion. Make sure he proposed to you while you are in Jovani original gown. Jovani evening gowns always look beautiful and always make you the wearer feel beautiful. Jovani dresses have classic style points that will make them relevant season after season.
  • Couture Dresses – The dress of the celebrity red carpet, the couture dress. Jovani couture dresses are the most sought after by the A list celebrity crowd. Jovani couture dresses feature a perfect blend of classic beauty and trendy elegance. Jovani couture dresses come embellished with finer finishing, like Swarovski crystals, to ensure that the wearer is a glamorous shimmering beauty. A quick look at the red carpets at the SAG Awards, The Oscars, The Grammys and many other high profile events and you are bound to find more than a few Jovani original couture dresses.
  • Cocktail Dresses – A Jovani original designer cocktail dress is your passport to being the best dressed woman at every occasion. Jovani cocktail dresses are made to fit any and all body types, sense of style and personality and event. Jovani cocktail dresses marry the latest in trendy styles with sensibility and versatility to create a glamorous yet funky fresh cocktail dress that is ready to go for any occasion needed. The cocktail dress is your go to fun time dress and a Jovani original ensures that all the fun is yours every time.
  • Wedding Dresses – Jovani features an exquisite line of fantastic wedding dresses. Jovani wedding dresses come in every style to suit your desires down to the smallest details. Jovani designers understand just what a woman goes through while choosing her wedding dress, the perfect dress and so every Jovani original is perfect.

Famous Jovani Women
Jovani is a highly trusted and sought after brand to the stars and is routinely the object of the photographer’s lens. Famous names like Connie Britton, Elizabeth Hurley and Jenny McCarthy have all been snapped on the famous red carpet in Jovani originals. Jovani is also a favorite of Jordin Sparks and Ariana Grande as well as Mary J. Blidge.

The Jovani Woman
The Jovani woman is a glamorous, stylish individual. She has a sense of style and class that sets her apart from the rest of the pack. Jovani successfully manages to create a dress which perfectly portrays the power, glamour and style that a Jovani woman has within her. Jovani women are fashion conscious women who understand that style, decoration, fit, color and all other details, little and large, are all important for setting the right tone. Jovani dresses never let their wearer down in making the statement that says bold, sophisticated, stylish, elegant, beautiful and above all glamorous. Jovani women draw out this quality of the Jovani dress and when added to their own qualities, results is an eye catching, captivating casual elegance that leaves the observer lost for words. Jovani women know what top quality is and are not afraid to spend more to get that top quality they know they deserve. When a woman puts on a Jovani dress, she makes a statement to the world that says she is glamorous, fabulous and elegant. The best dressed women in the world accept only the very best and that very best is Jovani.

URock Couture has The Jovani Dress For You
URock Couture, located in South Beach and available online via, is ready to help you choose the perfect Jovani dress for your next big outing. We at URock Couture are your number one source for the glamorous and elegant Jovani line of dresses. Jovani dresses are often duplicated and some women have been victims of this counterfeiting, by ordering your Jovani dress through us at URock Couture, you can be sure that you are getting an original Jovani creation. We are your best choice for anything glamorous, stylish and elegant and we feature the Jovani line of products and collections and have options to suit any high profile occasions which may arise. When you slip into your Jovani dress, you are instantly transformed into the best dressed woman at the ball, so contact us today; your Cinderella Hollywood fantasy Jovani dress is waiting.

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