Dishe Jeans

A brand that is all about pizzazz and glamour Dishe Jeans are some of the most recognizable and sought after brands for women all over Europe as well as the rest of the world. Dishe Jeans has a universal appeal that speaks to the diva in every woman. Each different piece is an individual work of art, not just a pair of jeans or accessory. By combining superior craftsmanship, exquisite detail, and a level of creativity above the crowd, the result is a truly one of kind clothing line. That clothing line is Dishe, a clear name, a universal sound.

A label famous for jeweled embroideries, and high quality manufacturing, there is also the development side that brings state of the art fabrics through dynamic research. Dishe jeans are a successful blend of cutting edge innovation and artistic tradition. The end result being a line of clothing that feels comfortable, vibrant and always draws attention. Dishe Jeans speak to the strong sophisticated woman. They are indicative of a new wave of woman, eccentric but oozing femininity. A woman, who knows how to be sexy but not vulgar, is the woman who loves Dishe Jeans. It was only fitting that we at U-Rock Couture showcase such a fabulous brand.

Why Dishe Jeans
Dishe Jeans are synonymous with tight form fitting Jeans and Denim products that accentuate the natural contours of a woman’s shape. Dishe Jeans are characterized by elastic flexible and rigid material and stretch fabric adaptive cut. A wonderful marriage of style and technology, the material is both comfortable and looks authentic. Each pair of Dishe Jeans is a work of art in its own right. They stand out, get noticed and admired. The most popular Dishe outfits are the washed jeans. Acid, dirty or stoned wash it matters little they all pay homage to the Denim revolution of yester year. Accentuated beautifully with stones and crystals, most pieces seem to capture the right amount of elegance when worn.

So much more than a regular Jeans designer, Dishe is a category all on its own. You get what you pay for, and the pieces certainly do not disappoint. They do not come off some generic production line, but each signature article is designed to be unique. No expense is spared on the materials used to bring these amazing, jaw dropping designs to life. You can feel it in every stitch that Dishe simply is a cut above the rest. These are not your regular $40 Jeans and for good reason.

Dishe Signature Collections
Since the 2012 Spring/Summer line, Dishe Jeans have been consistently reaching new heights with their clothing lines. Each year is particularly themed after a different major city, with fashion designers charged with conveying the essence of that city into their newest Dishe Creations. These are the crème de la crème for each year:

2012 Collection Istanbul – A city famous for culture and architectural design, spring /summer 2012 was when Dishe Jeans turned heads with their collection themed after the city of Istanbul. Characterized by the use of white and blue color patterns, the collection is all about bringing the traditional faded Jeans look back to the forefront. This is when Dishe Jeans fully entered the fray and haven’t looked back since.
2013 Collection Miami – All about pizzazz and American flavor. The Miami collection much like the city is spicy and provocative. Glitter and flashy stones make up most of the detail work in many of the pieces showcased. Bold strong colors are accentuated with flashy rhinestones to create a beautiful mosaic. Sexy Dishe shorts give credence to the daisy dukes revolution with an added twist. Jackets also made their mark with some equally impressive accessories making their mark to offer a glimpse of what the complete Dishe look is all about.
2014-2015 Paris – The latest iteration of the Dishe phenomenon does not disappoint with the city of love as its inspiration, the Paris themed line is truly a visual treat. With a less vibrant tone than previous iterations, the latest vision of the Dishe woman is sleek, elegant and chic. Particularly stunning are the body suits, and skirts from this collection.

U-Rock Couture has Dishe Jeans
U-Rock Couture has once again brought to the family another attractive addition in the Dishe Jeans line. Women who grace the floors of our store know that we only showcase items of a certain standard and quality, and this line is no exception. Dishe Jeans are meant to be worn by the confident, strong and driven woman. This is a brand name like no other, and should appeal to the U-Rock Couture customer in every way. We have the status and experience in the boutique industry to always have the latest and most wanted clothing lines. After all we are in the middle of the fashion district on Miami Beach.

Customers have over the years grown to expect a certain upper echelon in the brands available at U-Rock Couture. We stock some of the most widely known names in the industry, but we also stock quite a few of the lesser known but equally desirable brands that mainstream is not familiar with as of yet. It is this reason, along with our excellent customer service why our store has been steadily visited by celebrities in all genres. Our clothing lines grace the pages of the trendiest magazines, seen on the biggest billboards, and rip the runway at the latest fashion shows. U-Rock Couture customers are always confident in the fact that when they purchase anything in our store, it is both authentic and of a quality and standard we can readily stand behind and promote.

The online store now is one more step in the direction we want U-Rock Couture to go. Everything located within the flag ship store in Miami can also be found at Our site is quick and easy to navigate. Customers can look through catalogues of the brands we offer like Versace, Rawyalty Clothing line, and of course Dishe Jeans. Follow us on Social media to spread the word about among friends that U-Rock Couture is the definitive place to go for fashionistas everywhere.

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