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BB Simon Fashion
The genial BB Simon and his fashion team first launched the BB Simon brand in 1987. Since its inception, the BB Simon brand has sought excellence and style in every item they design. From quality of material to stylistic points, the very best in quality is applied to ensure a BB Simon product is of the utmost satisfaction to the customer. The BB Simon team has collaborated to bring to the fashion conscious public the fabulous BB Simon Swarovski Belts and the Swarovski Fashion Accessories line. The BB Simon belts and accessories line of products have been described as being both a fashion statement and a magnificent work of art. BB Simon uses imported Italian leather belts and European buckles which are then accessorized with the ever eye catching Swarovski crystals and gem stones to create pieces that transcend fashion and become art. BB Simon Swarovski belts have been a riotous hit since inception in 1987 and continue to define American luxury fashion. BB Simon himself is an artist and artisan and is involved in the creative process from the inception and sketches of a piece to the fully finished item. Sourcing materials from Italy, the fashion capital of the world, ensures that the very best materials including leather, gem stones and metals are of the highest quality every time. BB Simon products are the best option when you want to add some glitz and pizzazz to your ensemble. BB Simon accessories and Bb Simon hand crafted Italian leather belts will make you the eye catching wonder of style at any destination you choose. BB Simon caters to the fashion conscious buyer who has an eye for quality, an eye for detail and an appreciation of quality. Bb Simon products exude a sense of class that extends to their wearers own sense of class, creating a fantastic and classy self image.

BB Simon Style
BB Simon Hand Crafted Italian leather belts and BB Simon accessories are designed with the utmost in class and style in mind. BB Simon products stand out above the rest, but without doing it in a overly gaudy or classless manner. BB Simon himself has a major role in the design and craft of each piece and he, along with the world class design team, dream up creations that dazzle the eye. BB Simon belts and BB Simon accessories are perfect for a whole variety of different social engagements. Spice up drab work attire, add that sprinkling of stardust to a club ensemble or light up a formal occasion with a piece from BB Simon Fashion collection or BB Simon belts. The high quality of materials and process shows in every BB Simon piece that you wear. BB Simon hand crafted leather belts are often the target of imitation from other brands, but only BB Simon brings that top level of quality as well as the eclectic design genius that makes a BB Simon hand crafted leather belt stand out anywhere. Use of the elegant Swarovski Crystals adds the touch of star dust to BB Simon pieces that is unmatched by other brands. The creative genius of BB Simon himself cannot be duplicated and with his integral role in the design and production processes wearer can be sure they are always receiving an authentic, original piece.

Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski AG is the manufacturer of the fabulous Swarovski crystals used in the making of BB Simon Hand Crafted Leather Belts and BB Simon Accessories. Swarovski Ag is a leading Austrian producer of luxury crystal and fashion design crystal. They have been in operation since 1896 and are a leader in the manufacturer of high quality fashion gemstones. Swarovski is prominent in the field of gemstone and luxury item manufacture and some of their works include the nine foot star that adorns the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree every year since 2004. Swarovski crystals have been featured in films, such as “The Phantom of The Opera”, where a huge chandelier of Swarovski crystals was used, as well as “this is It”, the 2009 documentary on Micheal Jackson, where most of the costumes were designed using Swarovski crystals.

World Famous BB Simon
BB Simon Hand Crafted Italian leather belts and BB Simon Accessories are a favorite of many a famous star. No less than the likes of LL Cool J himself can regularly be seen adorned with a BB Simon Hand Crafted Italian leather belt. Internationally acclaimed rapper Lil Wayne is also a fan of BB Simon Hand Crafted Italian Leather Belts and can be seen wearing them at many of his shows and concerts. Leading ladies who are fashion conscious wearers of Bb Simon handcrafted belts and Bb Simon accessories include Lady Gaga, Ciara, Diana Reyes and the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. The list of famous stars could go on, extending to stars like Trina, Joe Budden and more.

BB Simon Products and Accessories
BB Simon manufactures an extensive line of products and product lines. These include BB Simon Hand Crafted Leather Belts, BB Simon Swarovski Crystal Accessories, BB Simon luxury Dog Collars, BB Simon luxury house items and BB Simon fashion. Each product line has a wide variety of styles and items to choose from, so the BB Simon customer can carefully choose the piece that is right for them. Some highlights from the vast BB Simon collection include:

• The Michael Jackson Tribute Belt- This limited edition belt, designed by BB Simon himself, features the finest of Italian leather and hand crafting, as well as the excellent Swarovski crystals in homage to the King of Pop. The Belt has several features which allude to the greatness of one of best musical artists the world has ever seen. The Bb Simon Michael Jackson Tribute belt features over two thousand five hundred Swarovski crystals inlaid into the various designs on the belt. Each crystal is individually placed on the best, the buckle features pearl cut crown elements and is embossed with a short commemorative note describing the belt. There are the iconic “Moonwalk” and Smooth Criminal” posture accents on the belt. The BB Simon Michael Jackson Tribute Belt is truly a masterpiece of design and craft, paying homage to one of the greatest. The Belt is limited worldwide, with just seven thousand belts made in total. Each BB Simon Tribute Belt comes with a certificate of authenticity and a stylish case containing other information on the belt. The BB Simon Michael Jackson Tribute Belt is produced with the authorization and blessing of Katherine Jackson and some of the proceeds from each sale go towards the Jason Family Center in Gary Indiana.
• Bb Simon Hand Crafted Italian Leather Belts- Bb Simon uses the best Italian Leather, the majestic and world famous Swarovski crystals to create pieces of genuine star quality. Bb Simon Belts are sought after by some of the biggest stars and exude a quality not found in any other belt. Bb Simon hand crafted Italian leather belts are classy and stylish, lending more than a dose of upscale pizzazz to any ensemble, for any occasion.

The Bb Simon Wearer
Bb Simon customers are fashion conscious people who recognize quality. They appreciate the finest materials and thoughtful design that goes into their favored products and are not afraid to spend more for the quality they desire. The BB Simon wearer exudes strength and charisma, stands out from the crowd and is the center of attention wherever they choose to take their glowing auras.

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